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" Digital Conference System "

This system consists of 3 main models and other extension peripherals: D6201 Conference Host, D6221 Chairman Microphone, D6222 Delegate Microphone. Features:

--Comply with IEC 60914 International Standard
--Support 128 Mic at the same time
--4.3” touch screen for convenient use
--Smart camera tracking function, 4 camera inputs (4 HDMI & 4 VGA), 1 video output
--5 speech modes: Free Mode, FIFO Mode, Normal Mode, Voice Mode, Free Mode, Apply Mode
--Support computer remote control and android pad control
--Support Simultaneous interpretation function

This system mainly consists of conference server and computer/pad conference terminals. Features:

--Support 128 terminals
--Support documents sharing between conference terminals like Word, PPT, Photos, Videos, etc.
--Support smart camera tracking function
--Support screen-projection and screen-sharing function
--Support electrical desk card display function