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Company History

About achievements

  • 1988

    Established as a Shenbao Equipment / V Co.

  • 1989

    Modern sound processing technology has been adopted in the general address industry as the first company in China.

  • 1990

    We are the first company who developed SG9200 stereo decoder

  • 1994

    We started to Develop the first intelligent system for Public addresses in the world.

  • 1996

    Awarded membership of "Jordanian Association of Electronic Sound Engineering ".

  • 1997

    Established the leading position in the public rhetoric industry of China.

  • 1999

    Developed the first matrix of public titles with the touch screen function in the world.

  • 2000

    The first device was built and developed with the integrated title with the touchpad

  • 2001

    Named as Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.

  • 2002

    We Entered the international market. Developed the first public network address system in the world

  • 2003

    The first global system to process the electronic network

  • 2004

    Awarded the membership of "China Association of Registration Engineers"; the largest public industrial park in China built by DSPPA has been put into service.

  • 2005

    More than 40,000 square meters manufacture established in Guangzhou

  • 2006

    He was invited to be the editor of the "Technical Law" for the engineering of the public address system in the People's Republic of China.

  • 2007

    Successfully sought for PA projects from 10 major stadiums to the Beijing Olympic Games as the key to the PA system.

  • 2008

    Had successful way to implement 10 major public speech projects at the Beijing Olympic Games .

  • 2009

    The "matrix at the column level" was awarded the scientific and technological achievement .

  • 2010

    Doing successful projects 80% of the general address projects in Shanghai Expo.

  • 2011

    "We have been awarded by the new and high technology enterprise the top 10 national brands"

  • 2012

    The latest DSPPA conference system was adopted at the Asia-Europe Meeting.

  • 2013

    "China Top 10 Brands in the Intelligent Building Industry and General Address System" awarded.

  • 2014

    Received the title project of the China Exhibition in Shanghai, the world's largest collection of exhibitions

  • 2015

    National Smart Construction Industry won the "innovative bra

  • 2016

    Built by DSPPA Audio Museum, the first sound history museum in China. Won the best performance award in the equipment industry

  • 2017

    He won the 2017 China National Protection Award 2017 Top Ten Conference Radio (National) Brand