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" Smart Home Audio System "

They are 2 economic central music systems for multirooms like houses, villas, bars, restaurants, etc. HM6813II and AM8250 are the control host, with HM30RII and BM825R being the on-wall control panels. Features:

--HiFi stereo strong outputs: HM6813II of 240W, AM8250 of 1140W
--Multiple zones control with individual volume control, HM6813II of 6 zones, AM8250 of 12 zones
--Multiple audio inputs: USB, AM/FM radio, 4 AUX line inputs (AM8250 with video input and output)
--With remote controller for convenient use Mini Smart Music Host—DM835/DM836II/DM838

They are 3 on wall music amplifiers for single room music solution. They are of on wall installation with fashionable design (colors optional). Features:

--Multiple audio inputs: AUX line, USB/SD, Bluetooth
--DM836II & DM838 support network radio
--DM838 support smart phone APP control, Airplay and DLNA playing
--DM838 support network APP download and network music & video playing
Network Smart Music System—AM8318/AM8328

They are 2 network music consoles with built-in amplifiers for multiroom music solution. Features:

--8 zones independent stereo out puts (AM8328 can extend to 72 zones)
--Built-in HiFi stereo output: AM8318 with 560W, AM8328 with 620W
--Multiple music inputs: 3 AUX lines, USB, SD, network radio, network hard disk and DLNA playing
--Support APP control via smart phone