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" Smart Education System "

Being the leading PA System manufacturer in China, DSPPA takes over 70% of the school PA projects in China. DSPPA has developed a whole set of solution for Education Systems, covering Classroom Audio System, Campus Audio System, Electronic Dashboard System, Video Recording System.

DSPPA has especially designed different microphones, speakers and amplifiers for classroom:
DSP8062 Series Passive Wall Mount Speaker, covering 20W, 30W, 40W.
DSP6604 Series Active Wall Mount Speaker, covering 2x20W, 2x30W, 2x40W.
Mixer Amplifier for sound reinforcement, like MP220P, Mini60, MP35U Series, etc.
Lecturing Amplifier MP6906 Series, covering 60W, 120W, 250W, 350W.

DSPPA has developed Campus Audio Systems for campuses of all sizes.
MP912 Series, 4x4 Audio Matrix Mixer Amplifier, RMS 4x120W.
MP812 Series, 6 Zones Integrated Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth/USB/Remote Paging.
MAG2120/MAG2140 Series, 20/40 Zones Public Address Center.
ADR6435 Addressable PA System, 100 zones PA project solution.
DSP9100 Series, 100 Zones IP Network Audio System, support off-line auto running after system set-up.
MAG6182 Series, IP Network PA System, 250 zones or more PA project solution

DSPPA has 2 models of Electronic Dashboard System, one is D8018C of 18.5” touch screen, the other is D8021C of 21.5” touch screen. They are usually placed outside of classrooms, displaying important information of each class, like Timetable, Examination Arrangement, Class Culture, etc.

DSPPA has developed a high solution video recording system for lecturing. It has camera tracking function and support video and audio recording of different classes at the same time. It consists of the following models:
D9001LHD, High Solution Class Record & Display Station D9009GZB, Intelligent Tracking Host
D4032HD, High Solution Record & Display Host
D6011DX, 720p 30fps Fixed Dome Camera
D6002RX, 1080p 30fps PTZ Camera